Friday, April 12, 2013

Things that made me happy this week!

  1. Portal 2!     I bought this game last week because it was only twenty smackaroos at Walmart, and people have told me before that I'd like it. I didn't get around to playing it until a few days ago, but since then I'm definitely hooked. At first I was worried that it would be too hard for me, then I remembered "Wait, self. Yo, you're like wicked smart. We can totally do this" and it turns out myself was right. It's not so hard that I get stuck and want to throw my xbox out the window, but it's hard enough that I spend like 80% of my time playing sitting still, just looking around going "Hmmmm...." which is fun for me because I'm strange.

  2. New curtains!
         I wanted to change out the curtains in my room because the ones I had were great for winter (nice and heavy to keep out the cold, dark like my soul in the colder months...), but now that it's approximately ten times hotter than the sun's core, something lighter and breezier seemed appropriate. And on my first look 'round to see what my options were, I found the perfect thing: white sheers that have -- wait for it -- POLKA DOTS. Instant love.

    Really drives it home that I write these posts in the blackest hours of night, huh?

  3. Air conditioning!
    Due to the aforementioned ridiculous heat, I've really been appreciating air conditioning. Not all the time though, since it isn't on at my current place of residence (clearly not my choice). But in stores, restaurants, and other people's cars (the AC in my car doesn't work very well/at all. My drive home was so miserably hot the other day, the only thing that kept me from taking my pants off in the car was the conundrum of how to get from car to front door without any of the construction people who are working on our garage seeing me. But back to the point, never take your air conditioning for granted.

  4. The justice system!
    I had jury duty this week, and even though I didn't get to sit on a jury (my name never got pulled out of a box...didn't even make the prelims! I wanted to at least have a chance to get kicked off because I support the death penalty for litterbugs or whatever), I came close. I got to go sit in a room full of law books and watch a poorly acted instructional video, so woohoo, Amurrica! Also I get $30 for doing it, which I would gladly have accepted to pay for my Chipotle lunch later that day, but alas, this is the government and they seem to insist on doing things in the most inconvenient way possible, so I have to wait 4-6 weeks for a check to come in the mail. Why they couldn't have just slipped me three tens and said "Don't spend it all in one place" is beyond me. ( I realize this item on the list is sounding somewhat bitter and sarcastic, but I really am all about the justice system, so it's still true to include it on the list.)

  5. Strawberries and Cool Whip!
    I'm trying to eat healthier so I can feel ok about myself in a swimsuit when vacation rolls around in a few months, so strawberries and some lite Cool Whip are my jam right now. It satisfies my craving for something sweet after dinner while still managing to have some sort of health benefit (strawberries are great for you, man. And they're nature's candy! Win-win). Plus it's basically the perfect hot-weather food. But I might just be biased because I get in food ruts  where I will happily eat the same thing every day for like two weeks until the next kick starts, and right now strawberries and cool whip are my food infatuation. Hopefully the honeymoon period lasts at least until after the vast quantities of both that I stocked up on today are used up.
 So those are the things that turned my frowns upside down this week (not really, if you actually turned a frown upside down your lips would be stuck on the wrong way, which would look rather dreadful). Hope you all enjoyed your week too!

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