Friday, December 14, 2012

A little Christmas cheer...

     Don't get your hopes up too much, I said a little. As in, the small amount that can fit into my room. It's not like I could set up a full scale tree in here. (Or could I...? No, I really couldn't.) I thought I'd share the few Christmas touches I've brought into my room, just for kicks.

     Small Item of Cheer Number One: I spent an embarrassing amount of time cutting out paper snowflakes, then hung them above my windows with some silver ribbon (luckily it was kept out of reach of the stupid cat). I think they look pretty nice against the dark blue curtains.

The worst part was the folding, because I watched Martha Stewart do it first and in comparison to her beautiful crisp folding mine looked like a tipsy monkey did them.

     Small Item of Cheer Number Two: This little arrangement of pine and boxwood sprigs that I carefully curated (read: hacked off of plants in the yard) and decorated with sparkly snowflakes like one of the little snow fairies from Fantasia that I wanted to be SO BADLY when I was little. 

Once again, I feel like Martha Stewart would laugh at this. But you know what, I TRIED, MARTHA. I TRIED. Also this smells really nice.

     Small Item of Cheer Number Three: I decorated the top of my desk with some icicle lights, white poinsettias, and festive ribbon (this ribbon's too big for the cat to swallow, in case you were worried). 

I was kind of hoping this picture would turn out dim enough that you couldn't see all the junk on my desk. Oh well.
     Oh and here's a close-up of Small Item of Cheer Number Three-and-a-half (it's so small it doesn't get it's own number), the sparkly gold things and bows shoved into a squatty little vase nestled into all the ribbon and lights.

     These little touches of Christmas in my room make me feel marginally less like a Grinch. And they're not too obvious, which is important because I keep my room warm and constantly-humidified like a tropical jungle, so it'd be weird if it was too over-the-top Winter Wonderlandy. 

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