Monday, September 3, 2012

"Is that Doctor Who? ...Is THAT Doctor Who?"

Someone really needs to hire me. I have way too much free time on my hands. It's getting dangerous. I did this Doctor Who manicure today just to test out some freehand nail art techniques. I've dabbled in stamping and various taping techniques, but never much in freehand nail art, so this is my first real attempt at it. And I'd say, considering that, it's not bad.

From thumb to pinky: Bad Wolf graffiti, galaxy, Dalek, Tardis, Bow Ties are Cool!
If you don't watch Doctor Who, you may have to do some quick googling of reference pictures to see what I was shooting for. So yeah! That's what I do in my free time, in case you were wondering. My life is exciting.

*Post title dedicated to Amanda, because every time she sees me watching Doctor Who she points at everyone on screen and says "Is that Doctor Who? What about that guy? Is THAT Doctor Who?"

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