Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Button, button, who's got the button? I do.

Useless Jacki trivia: I love elephants. The fact that they smile as much as they do just delights me to no end. I mean, look at this guy here:

How can you not love that face? So, established fact: elephants are awesome. Elephants that are funny colors are obviously going to be an improvement, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Which is why I picked up a card of pink elephant buttons today at the fabric store with no real plans for them (the pop culture associations of pink elephants are not lost on me, either, which just adds to my amusement). Then I realized what their destiny was. I've been eyeing these Betsey Johnson earrings for a while:

So, the pink elephant buttons became a much cheaper version of Betsey's elephant earrings with the help of a pack of earring posts, some pliers (to take the button loop off the back) and superglue. 

Then, since I had two pairs of earring posts left after gluing on the elephanties, I decided regular buttons would make some pretty darn cute earrings too, so I glued summa them on as well. Ta-da! Three new pairs of one-of-a-kind earrings for about five bucks. 

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