Friday, June 17, 2011

une journée à la rivière

Everything sounds better when you say it in French, right? I felt like I needed to class it up in here. 

Anyway, today I packed an overnight bag and ran away to Richmond, fleeing dramatically before the sun rose. 

Actually I'd been planning an overnight visit to good ol' RVA for a few days, since there were things I needed to get from my apartment anyway. So, to Richmond I went. Then I went to lunch at the Village, which was delicious (I had the Village Salad, in case you were wondering. It's basically a ham and turkey sammich, minus the bread, plus some lettuce. Yummm.) and headed off to the river. Luckily, Stephen drove, because there was some rainin' and a'thunderin later that I wouldn't have wanted to be walking back in. Anyway, here's a couple pictures, so you know I'm telling the truth.

Like the storytelling there? First it was sunny and I frolicked in the water and it was fun. Then it got cloudy and maybe a little angry looking. Then I retreated into the murky depths to meet up with the other mermaids in time for supper. The End.

See ya on Monday with a new post!

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