Monday, May 9, 2011

Nothing like a late-night rant...

This is a picture they've got on the VCU homepage right now (I've been seeing a lot of it lately as I've obsessively checked my school email to make sure none of my professors decided to change due dates or exam times to ruin my life). Can you guess what bugs me so much about it?

If your guess was that it looks like Gray-Suit is holding his lady's hand in the most awkward way possible, but if you look closely it's just an optical're not wrong. That does bug me.

But what really burns my buns is that they titled this "Giving back." 

"Giving back" is what you call it when you spend a year in a homeless shelter, then once you get back on your feet you volunteer there. When you send care packages and cards to soldiers fighting to keep you safe.When you donate to help Japan to say "Thanks for all the sushi." Ya know, when somebody did you a solid and you want to repay them somehow.

VCU hasn't done the people donating a cool twenty-five mil. any favors out of the goodness of its metaphorical heart. So...this isn't really giving back. It's just regular giving. It makes VCU seem entitled, like they think they deserve this huge donation just cuz. 

They do the same thing in the letters I get asking me to become an alumni after I graduate. "It's a great way to give back to VCU!" 

Uh, yeah, ok. You know what else is a great way to give back? The thousands of dollars in tuition they already got in exchange for my education. 

Sorry, VCU, but I think we're square on this one.

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