Monday, February 21, 2011


Stephen got this t-shirt for me, because he knows how much I love Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Also, because I've been sick and he thought it would cheer me up and he's a nice kid like that. (Don't worry, he fully acknowledged that I might have to "work on it" because they didn't have a small.)'s too big. 

Enjoy the grubby bathroom mirror myspace pictures that accompany this post. What can I say, I'm still really tired. And eternally lazy (though I can't blame that on recovering from illness). 

Anyways, so I tried taking in a few inches off the sides and making it a few inches shorter, but then that left me with major issues in the sleeve-al region that I just didn't want to deal with. So I did this instead!

Yup, totally took the cheater's way and just cut out the design, slapped it on another shirt, and zig-zagged around the whole thing. On any other design I feel like it would look terrible, but the comic-book aesthetic sort of works with the cut and paste thing I did. Well, it won't win any awards for craftsmanship, but it works for me anyway. 

In totally unrelated news, I've lost four pounds this week. One of the few perks of being sick, I guess. 

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